"Gain in performance without changing anything"

Transform the signal into an interpretable result, in real time.

The ECU interfaces into your existing chain, it brings an immediate performance gain without changing the existing equipment (PLCs, cameras, PCs...).

With the 4 SFP cages that it integrates, the calculator can receive data to be processed in real time from remote equipment such as a PLC, a camera or a computer. The analysis results of the specialized industrial calculator will then also be sent over the network.

Why did we develop this product?

Today, many applications requiring complex calculations, analysis or processing of various kinds (on images, videos or signals for example) do not have specialized equipment for these uses. As a result, many devices not optimized for these needs are used to make these calculations. This can lead to problems of reliability, speed and performance. Our product allows to overcome this problem. Indeed, we offer a solution adapted to each customer's needs, allowing to optimize the calculation time, the speed and thus the performances of the application.

Who did we develop this product for?

For players in the industrial, medical, defense or research sectors, who need a real-time computing system that allows data formatting, management or processing, our product is perfectly adapted.

Examples of use cases of the Plug & Play Industrial Calculator

Scenario 1

Problem: A customer has cameras to check industrial products. The conclusions of the images are transmitted to a computer. They must be analyzed in real time to know if the product is compliant or not. Both the computer and the cameras have only limited computing power.

Solution: Our system acts as an intermediary between the cameras and the control computer. In real time, the images coming from the cameras will be processed by the calcator and the conclusions of the analyses will be transmitted to the computer which will be able to determine if the tested product is compliant or not.

Scenario 2

Problem: A customer, needing to carry out a large number of camera acquisitions and to process them at a high frequency, has a set of equipment connected to a PLC (cameras, actuators, etc.) via a network. The PLC installed on a DIN rail with limited computing resources, must process the measurements but cannot process them quickly enough.

Solution: Our product, compatible with DIN rails, will be able to receive data to be analyzed from the PLC via the network, perform data formatting and transmit the results to the PLC (which will be able to concentrate on processing the useful data). Thus, the calculator will allow the PLC to minimize resource-intensive calculations.

Scenario 3

Problem: A customer, within a given perimeter, has a constellation of sensors. The data must be conditioned and transmitted over the network.

Solution: Our onboard system will be able to receive the raw data from the sensor constellation, condition it and send it on the network autonomously.