• Robotics and vision equipment manufacturer

    Significantly increase the abilities of robots

  • Real-time systems engineering

    Sensor fusion: visible camera, IR, lidar, radar, sonar

  • Real-time imaging engineering

    Image creation, analysis, transfer of the detected information in real time

  • Cameras Designer

    Miniaturization, cost and power consumption reduction

We merge technologies to create agile solutions when the heaviness of traditional imaging stumbles.

Matching Hardware and Firmware matters

The architecture of the camera counts for the information you want to extract from your images.

Real time

Specialist in real-time signal processing and FPGA architectures.


The deliverables of our creations are reproducible and meet industrial requirements.

Covering exactly the need

Our realizations are economical and carry only the bare necessities.

R & D

Technical Design office specialized in high speed digital processing and AI for image processing.


Tachysséma Développement is a certified training organization and provides generic training on FPGAs.

Smart sensors, Matching Hardware and Firmware matters

The architecture of the camera counts for the information you want to extract from your images. In the industry, the architecture counts for the stability of the camera over time, especially if you integrate it into a system.

What we do

  • Cameras
  • IA
  • FPGA
  • Matériel

Make all the difference with your own camera system

Having an infinite number of options, we can create a unique camera system to target your outcome.

Combined architecture technology for FPGAs and image sensors:

•it allows the realization of a miniaturized system

•highly integrable and very low power consumption design

•perfect for building a customized, original camera.

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Image analysis and understanding

Specialist in image processing at the camera level

Embedded deep learning model

Real-time image interpretation

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Our technology to successfully embed FPGAs

Electronic design office

Expertise in complex FPGA and CAD designs

Specialized in fast digital circuits for signal processing

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Customized device

Industrial high-density micro module with FPGA core

Application and Evaluation boards

Intelligent Video Product Manufacturing

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Our Products

Our Tachysséma Développement modules and development boards

Our industrial development boards and modules quickly provide the solution for advanced data processing and embedded applications. 

They are compact high-end, high-density FPGA based solutions. All requirements to achieve a complete solution in real-time signal processing applications are integrated. 

About us

Embedded electronics

Tachysséma Développement is a French company which has been active for over 15 years. The company was founded in order to answer the demand for expertise in video processing, and more generally in embedded electronics dedicated to real-time signal processing.
The company's headquarters are in Toulouse, a dynamic city of 1.3 million inhabitants known for its economic dynamism.
Toulouse is the European capital of aeronautics and space, 1st in France in terms of GDP devoted to R&D and among the 4 leading French cities in terms of Artificial Intelligence.

Merging technologies to meet the challenge of digitalization:

Nowadays, the latest improvements in the matter of electronics and AI are positionning us very favorably to build a full image engineering service. (Creation of the image, analysis and restitution of information in real time).

Indeed, we are now able to manufacture the sensor, and directly embed the image processing algorithms necessary in order to deliver the conclusions, and make the decisions as soon as possible.

This is a major challenge for applications that require more autonomy and miniaturization, such as drones, rolling robots or more generally whenever there is movement.

Breakthrough solutions :

Our achievements almost always mark a breakthrough, we often make them simpler, smaller and cheaper because our creations are very specialized.

For example, we propose a solution of on-line inspection of profiles that gives in real time the follow-up of the manufactured profile at the end of the die. The information allows the line operator to act immediately if a defect is detected. In addition, the events are stored to launch continuous improvement actions. Quality control is more productive, more homogeneous and, above all, it enriches the company's knowledge to create value.

For example, in medical imaging, we have realized a constellation of micro-cameras. The challenge was to transmit the signal while a hundred or so cameras were delivering images simultaneously. We had to channel millions of bytes every second in an ultra-confined space. This achievement will enable our client to introduce a totally new and innovative device on the market that will revolutionize current practice.

Hear From Our Customers

We have worked with Tachysséma Développement on the design and implementation of the control system architecture for floating platforms at the WindFloat Atlantic project (25 MW, Portugal) and Kincardine Offshore Wind project (50 MW, Scotland), which feature wind turbines between 8.4 and 9.5 MW, respectively. Tachyssema used its expertise to help ensure a seamless interface between the WindFloat® and wind turbine control systems, assuring system reliability and optimal power production.

Laurent Orlandini - project manager Principle Power

Laurent Orlandini – chef de projet Principe Power

Hear From Our Customers

I would like to congratulate the company Tachysséma Développement for its commitment on one of the quality control projects I am currently managing. A win-win partnership and a contribution of innovative solutions. A customer-oriented, agile and innovative company! What else!

Frederic ZYDORCZYK – Maintenance project manager BRIDGESTONE FRANCE

Frederic ZYDORCZYK – Chef de projets Maintenance – Travaux neufs chez BRIDGESTONE FRANCE

Hear From Our Customers

Our collaboration focuses on the design and development of equipment dedicated to UAVs and robots. As a manufacturer, we have to integrate sensors as much as possible. The missions expected of the devices are becoming more specialized, and we have to carry a lot of equipment on board. To maintain a good autonomy, we absolutely have to miniaturize, limit weight and power consumption.

Jad Rouhana – CEO Lynxdrone

Jad Rouhana – CEO Lynxdrone

Hear From Our Customers

In the case of our ground-based solution for wind turbine blade inspection, we wanted to significantly improve the quality of images delivered by the vision system. The images were too sensitive to ambient light, backlighting or glare and the rendering lacked contrast to see surface cracks.
Tachysséma Développement responded perfectly to our request for improvement, so that the system works all year round, even in winter in foggy weather or until nightfall.

Olivier Darracq - Director of Operations Visif Technology

Olivier Darracq – directeur des opérations Visif Technology


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